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Each year, we are always excited to welcome a new class into our network and we are continually impressed by the outstanding individuals who apply for admission to Leadership Rockland.

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Here are a few things you should know:

  • The program includes one day per month, all-day sessions that allow participants to explore and learn about different topics that exist and affect Rockland County.
  • Program topics include Leadership Skills, History, Economics, Health and Human Services, Arts, Government, Law Enforcement, among many other topics.
  • Each program day varies in terms of activities, including field trips, panel discussions, speakers, and so on.
  • Each year, classes are chosen from between forty to fifty applicants, drawn from the different worlds of the For-Profit, Not for Profit, Education, Law Enforcement, Government, and Health and Human Services industries.
  • After completing the program and graduating from Leadership Rockland, you will become part of an Alumni Group that includes a virtual Who’s Who of Rockland County.
  • They say the world is six degrees of separation. It is more like four after going through Leadership Rockland; it will only be one or two degrees. You will have access to all kinds of influential people as a Leadership Rockland graduate.

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